Meme Küçültme Ameliyatı Öncesi Sonrası

Breast Reduction

Breast Surgery

Than normal, large breasts look to improve the operation, although, large breasts caused back pain, poor posture, headaches, shoulder pain, breathing difficulties, bra strap with shoulder which çöküklük breast under hygienic problems (rash or fungal infection, etc.) is a reconstructive surgery to decipher.

Psychological problems he caused me a brief physical and correction of breast size, breasts in a more natural appearance while the patient’s life by eliminating the many problems in life easier. According to the patient’s height and weight of the breast after drawing the location of the new breast, breast tissue under general anesthesia, more and more skin is removed.

If the pain after surgery, painkillers are usually comfortable for the patient after surgery. 12-15.günlerde stitches are taken. According to the size of the breast patients may return to work within 1-2 weeks